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Consider these 4 things before selling your business

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Business Law |

As hard as it is to let go, there may come a point when you consider selling your business. Before taking that step, it’s important to ponder certain factors.

Here are four key considerations to bear in mind.

Understand your objectives

Why are you considering selling your business? Whether it’s retirement, the desire to start a new venture or simply feeling it’s time to move on, having clear goals can guide your decisions. This clarity will streamline the process and help communicate your intentions to potential buyers, advisors and others involved in the sale.

Remember, selling a business is not only a financial decision but also a personal one that can significantly impact your life. So, take the time to know your objectives. They will guide your decision-making process throughout the sale.

Assess your business’s readiness

Before considering selling, you need to evaluate if your business is ready for sale. Are your financial records organized and up-to-date? Is your customer base robust and growing? If your business is in good shape, it might be the right time to sell.

However, if areas need improvement, addressing those first could enhance the outcome when you decide to sell.

Check the offer on the table

Sometimes, an unsolicited offer triggers the decision to sell. If you’ve received such an offer, it warrants careful consideration. Does it fairly reflect your business’s value? Does the potential buyer have the necessary resources to run the business successfully?

While an unsolicited offer might present a good opportunity, it’s essential to evaluate it carefully. You may need to negotiate the terms or seek professional advice to ensure the offer aligns with your best interests.

Build the right team

The state of the market can impact your decision to sell. Are businesses like yours selling well? What are the industry trends? Favorable market conditions could result in a better price and a quicker sale. However, if companies in your industry are facing challenges, it might be worth waiting until conditions improve.

Building the right team becomes essential in this scenario. A team of professionals can evaluate market conditions and advise whether it’s the right time to sell or if waiting for a better opportunity would be best. Consider adding an attorney to your team. They can help with planning from start to finish and guide you in the business dissolution process.