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Seek Justice For The Loss Of A Loved One

For 100 years, Worcester residents have trusted the attorneys at Phillips Silver Attorneys at Law to represent them through trying legal challenges. Our clients trust our attorneys to focus on delivering personalized and compassionate counsel in their time of need. This is why families who have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence turn to us to seek their due justice and compensation.

Cases of wrongful death can be exceptionally painful for the family of the victim. Dealing with the administration of a lawsuit can be difficult to understand and prioritize. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to mitigate our clients’ stress and provide some peace of mind. And as always, there is no charge unless we recover compensation.

Damages And Compensation For Survivors

When a person dies due to the “misconduct or negligence of another,” the surviving family members can seek monetary compensation for expenses incurred or income lost due to the death of the decedent. Survivors can claim lost salary, health benefits, insurance policies, potential monetary gains, and pain and suffering. Most wrongful death suits result from car crashes, on-the-job accidents, slip and falls, and defective products.

Wrongful death suits often seek compensation for these damages:

  • Funeral and care expenses
  • Expected loss of income
  • Expected loss of services, insurance policies or other benefits
  • Mental anguish, sorrow, and the loss of companionship and solace

At Phillips Silver Attorneys at Law, our attorneys focus on our clients’ needs, and we do everything we can to achieve their goals and help them find a way through.

Free Consultations Are Available

It is never easy to overcome the grief and pain of losing a loved one, but Phillips Silver Attorneys at Law can help. Call 774-243-2785 to schedule a free initial consultation and get started on the road to recovery today.