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Nearly A Century Of Experience In Malpractice Representation

With more than 100 years of experience in Worcester and beyond, this law firm has tremendous respect for its fellow lawyers most of whom dedicate their careers to the ethical practice of law. However, on some occasions, clients have been mistreated by lawyers. When that occurs, we are willing and able to stand with our clients against their prior attorneys especially when their malpractice has resulted in substantial losses for the clients.

At Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe & Sinrich, P.C., we have seen upfront the unfortunate results of legal malpractice affecting our clients who trusted their lawyers to adhere to accepted practices. We aim to right wrongs through legal malpractice claims, as needed. When our clients present evidence that other attorneys have caused them harm through professional malpractice, we carefully evaluate their cases and are prepared to file lawsuits when that is an appropriate response.

We have the experience, fortitude and perseverance to deal with the many challenges presented by cases of attorney misrepresentation or malpractice.

  • Attorney Sinrich has handled dozens of legal malpractice claims in the last 20 years.
  • Our success rate speaks for itself.

Whether another attorney ignored a statute of limitations, bungled an appeal through faulty work or outright cheated a client, our law firm is well-equipped to make recommendations and pursue appropriate compensation for incurred losses.

Worcester Attorney Negligence Attorney

Schedule a consultation with a Massachusetts legal malpractice attorney. Contact Phillips, Silver, Talman, Aframe & Sinrich, P.C., by calling 774-243-2785 or submitting an email inquiry through this website.