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Professional Counsel Through Trust And Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences a family can go through. Navigating the grief and loss can take up a lot of a person’s time and leave little energy for anything else. This is where the attorneys at Phillips Silver Attorneys at Law come in, providing compassionate counsel informed by over 100 years of legal advocacy for Worcester families.

When a person dies, their estate is subject to the Massachusetts law regarding inheritance and beneficiaries. This complex process accounts for the decedent’s estate plan, property, will and testament, and any trusts. The larger the estate, the more likely the personal representative or successor trustee may face a contest from a third party or even another family member. Often, these challenges specifically address trusts set up by the decedent. Trusts may be challenged when:

  • A person with the power of attorney changes the inheritance beneficiaries receive.
  • A person believes they have an undocumented right to the inheritance.
  • A person believes someone should not have a right to their documented inheritance.
  • The trustee or successor trustee breaches fiduciary duty.
  • A trust beneficiary exercises undue influence.
  • A person believes the decedent was not competent to create or change the trust.

No matter the dispute, our attorneys stand ready to help protect our clients’ family legacy and secure their due inheritance.

Regionally Recognized Probate And Trust Litigation Attorney

Our trust administration services are spearheaded by attorney Scott S. Sinrich. Highly experienced in both probate and trust litigation, Scott’s cases have been featured in regional publications, including Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. In one case, he challenged a woman’s legal capacity when her nephew attempted to get her to execute a quitclaim deed on her home for only $1. Find out more about Scott by clicking the link below:

Scott and the rest of our legal staff are dedicated to upholding 100-year legacy of winning judgments.

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When facing a trust dispute, Worcester families need the experienced and compassionate counsel of Phillips Silver Attorneys at Law to fight for their family’s legacy and secure their inheritance. Call us now at 774-243-2785 to get a consultation on the calendar today.