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Knee injuries are common after car wrecks

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Various injuries are possible when a person is involved in a motor vehicle crash. Some of those injuries might be obvious at the time of the wreck. One that’s possible is a knee injury.

Knee injuries in a crash can be devastating. Some might be evident at the scene of the wreck, but others might not show up until later. 

Signs of knee injuries after a car crash

The primary sign of a knee injury is pain. It’s also possible that you might have a loss of range of motion or an inability to put weight on the affected leg. There are several injuries that might cause knee pain:

  • Bruising: This will cause discoloration and will likely heal on its own.
  • Tendon rupture: This causes extreme pain and may require surgery to repair.
  • Patella dislocation: This occurs when the kneecap is dislocated and may be corrected with repositioning and exercises.
  • Meniscus tears: The meniscus is cartilage that cushions the knee. If it tears due to the violent impact of the crash, surgery might be required.

Doctors will work to determine the cause of the pain so they can determine the appropriate treatment plan — but a victim could still be in for a long recovery period.

Anyone who’s involved in a car wreck should ensure that they get the medical care they need. For some, knee pain occurs after the crash. While these injuries might not be too serious, they may also be life-changing. If the wreck was the fault of another person, seeking compensation might be in order. This can help you to cover the medical care costs and other expenses that are directly related to the crash.