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If you’re hit by a car, you deserve fair treatment

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you’ve been through a car crash, then you know how devastating it is. To begin with, you have broken bones and serious soft-tissue injuries that are making it impossible for you to go back to work or even to get out of the hospital. You’re in braces and casts; it will be months before you have any kind of opportunity to go through physical therapy or other treatments to help you get back to normal.

Even then, there are still many unknowns. For instance, your brain injury could continue to be as severe as it is today months from now. You hope it’s not the case, but there is no way to know for sure just yet. 

As a victim of a serious collision, it is your right to pursue a claim against the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Whether that driver was distracted, drunk, speeding or just made a mistake, it’s your life that has been affected by their actions. What they did might have been nothing more than an accident, but it has changed the course of your life. 

When you file a claim, you should know that the insurance company may offer you a settlement. That settlement may not be fair, so be cautious about what you do. If you aren’t sure if it’s enough to cover your losses and support you as you recover, don’t take it. Your attorney can help you negotiate for an amount that is fair and will help you as you recover in the future. 

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