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How to deal with a tailgater

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Personal Injury |

When you are on the road, you expect other users to keep you safe as you are doing with them. Thus, it can be annoying when someone is tailgating you. Tailgating is as dangerous as other risky behaviors on the road. A driver who does this may crash into you. 

This guide discusses how to deal with a tailgater to avoid an accident if possible:

Stay calm

If someone is tailgating you, the chances are you may get angry and want to tell them to stop. However, this will take your attention off the road. Thus, you should consider remaining calm while you analyze your options.

Maintain your speed

You should maintain your speed on the road, even when someone is tailgating you. One of the reasons drivers tailgate is because they are in a hurry. Thus, they may push you to increase your speed, but you should not do this. Not only is it dangerous, but also it can get you into trouble if the police catch you – you can get a speeding ticket.  

Don’t let anyone control your behavior on the road. Maintain your speed and stay focused.

Let them pass

When it’s safe, you should let the tailgater pass. If it’s impossible to do this, safely pull over at a gas station or a parking lot, and allow them to pass. It may help to wait for some time, perhaps a few minutes, so they can go farther, before returning to the road.

If someone tailgates you, it will be best to stay calm, maintain your speed and let them pass when it’s safe. If you are injured by a tailgater, you may need to consider your legal options to receive compensation that will cover your damages.