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2 indicators of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Personal Injury |

The road is full of distracted drivers. Each year they cause thousands of crashes, many resulting in injury or death for the drivers themself, their passengers or other road users.

If you can spot them, it gives you a chance to keep away from them and avoid them potentially involving you in a crash. So how can you tell when someone is distracted at the wheel?

Here are two telltale signs:

They seem slow to pull away when the traffic starts moving

Drivers who rev their engine and leave the lights in a squeal of wheels can be dangerous for different reasons. Yet a driver who is focused on the road should be watching the lights and leave on time. If you see one car that does not, it might be they did not see the lights change because they were focused on something else.

They struggle to stay in lane

Well-maintained cars run true, provided the driver keeps their hands on the wheel and their eyes ahead. So if you see one drifting across the lane lines, give it a wide berth.

It might be the driver does not have both hands on the wheel, and they pull it to one side as they reach for a sandwich or to quieten a child. Or it could be they are turning their head to speak to someone in the rear seat and not watching where they are going.

However vigilant you are, you cannot rule out the possibility of a distracted driver injuring you. If they do, consider legal help to hold them responsible for your costs.