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Case shows you do not have to accept an unfair legal decision

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2022 | Business Law |

Sometimes it pays to be persistent. That is exactly what happened in a recent construction dispute case Attorney Scott S. Sinrich won for a local construction company.

In 2004, a home-owning couple filed litigation for unfair trade practices and breach of contract against the constructor relating to work he carried out on their home. The Superior Court initially assessed their damages to be just over $100,000. That resulted in a final judgment ordering the constructor to pay over $500,000.

The problem was that the initial assessment of damages was wrong, and the couple knew it

Finally, over 15 years later, after the constructor dispatched with his original legal representatives and turned to Attorney Scott S. Sincrich, justice was served.

Scott informed the client that the chances of success were extremely low due to the time elapsed. Yet, in the end, Scott convinced a judge to rule that the initial judgment was wrong. Here is why:

  • The couple withheld project documents needed to assess the damages accurately. The information they gave used duplications and false and misleading information to overstate the cost of damage.
  • Their attorney failed to independently verify the information the couple provided and constructed their argument based on inaccurate figures.

Scott showed the judge that the couple and their attorney had committed fraud on the court. The judge agreed and overturned the initial decision made back in 2004.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a construction dispute, remember that you might have a chance to alter the result with the help of an experienced attorney such as Scott S. Sinrich.