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Evidence you need after a car accident in Massachusetts 

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You may be confused and overwhelmed after an accident. The situation may make you wonder what to do and where to turn. 

If someone else caused the situation, you need evidence to prove your claim. While your attorney can help you obtain much of what you need, you may be able to further your own interests by providing:

Photos or videos from the accident scene

If you did not suffer a serious injury and can safely move around, it’s smart to take photos of the vehicles and scene. Be sure to get pictures of signs nearby and the road conditions, as well as the position of the vehicles involved, damage to the vehicles, and your injuries. 

If there are businesses nearby, it’s good to find out if their video surveillance captured the accident. These types of tapes can be invaluable when filing an accident claim. 

Medical records related to your injuries

You have likely heard how important it is to go to the emergency room or doctor right after a car accident. You should keep all documents, records, prescriptions, and other information provided. Be sure to continue with the recommended treatment and keep all related documents and receipts. This information proves your injuries and provides tangible proof of the cost of medical treatment. 

The police report from the scene

After an accident, the authorities will usually show up to take statements and assign fault. It’s important to get a copy of this report and any citations that may be issued. While that may not make or break your case, it can support your version of events if the other driver was cited.

If you want a good chance of proving your accident claim, it’s a good idea to gather the information above. Chances are you will have other evidence related to the accident, too, which can be used to prove how much compensation you deserve.