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Biking tips for staying safe in the rain

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Personal Injury |

It’s always been said that you should stick to a schedule if you are prepping for a bike race or marathon. You would not want to miss biking practice or training on the one day that could cost you the race, so do not let a little rain stop you from taking on a great feat.

It is good, however, to know how to stay safe when those April showers start rolling in and you want to keep biking. Here are some tips:

Staying dry

Catching a cold could mean losing prime biking days so buy a waterproof jacket. There are many brands of waterproof jackets that provide optimal water resistance while staying breathable. Consider getting a jacket with reflective padding so you are still noticeable by cars.

Keep clear from standing water when possible. You will not only get soaked in the process of hitting standing water but you may find the water is hiding a pothole or you might lose traction. This can lead to serious injuries if you are thrown off your bike resulting in head or spinal trauma. 

Speed control and braking

Biking through the rain is not the time to be pushing your speed limit to the max. Heavy rain makes it hard to see what is ahead of you and the slick surface makes it hard to gain traction leading to possible slippage or a collision. 

Your brakes should be checked before biking in the rain. Brakes wear down more when wet and the rain is likely to soak them. While biking, you should keep your brakes lightly pressed down which can help with early stops and reduce the amount of water that catches your brakes. Just like driving a car, you will have to brake twice as early and slow down gradually leaving space between you and any motor vehicles out there.

You may have followed all these tips precisely, but that does not mean you will avoid injuries. If you have been in a serious accident caused by a driver’s negligence, you may need to seek experienced legal guidance that is committed to you in your time of need.