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Do not ride with your feet on the dashboard of your car

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Many front seat passengers ride with their feet propped up on the dashboard. They lean the chair back, put their feet up in front of the window and relax while someone else drives. 

While this may feel relaxing when doing it, it is exceedingly dangerous. You should never put your feet on the dash while riding in a motor vehicle. The results of an accident can be catastrophic. 

One woman’s story paints a vivid picture 

You can find a lot of examples of people getting injured in these types of wrecks, and some of the x-rays show severe knee, leg, and hip injuries. 

The trouble is twofold. First of all, if you do get into an accident, the force of the impact is going to drive your feet backward towards your own face. Secondly, when the airbag deploys, all of that force is directed into the bottom of your legs. Rather than protecting you, the airbag creates this violent impact that can cause fractures, lacerations and all sorts of other damage in a split second. 

One woman was involved in what has been described as a relatively minor crash, and there were other people in the car who were barely injured. However, the airbags deployed, and her injuries were so severe that she was disabled and unable to work after the crash. 

Do you need compensation for your injuries? 

Even if you avoid dangerous things like putting your feet on the dash, you can still be seriously injured in an accident that someone else causes. You can’t control all of the factors in play. If you do get hurt, make sure you know how to seek compensation.