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How do you handle a construction dispute?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

Construction disputes can sometimes lead to construction litigation. These disputes can involve issues with the initial bidding process, delays in payment or completion, workmanship or materials. When you are in the middle of a construction project, it may be hard to know how to handle any dispute that comes up.

Given that a dispute can delay your construction project, understanding its cause is half the job done. The rest lies in correcting the situation that led to the dispute in the first place and making sure all the parties are satisfied with the solution.

Common causes of construction disputes

As mentioned, disputes can arise at any point in the construction process. The common reasons include:

These and many other reasons may bring about a construction dispute. However, the most crucial bit rests on resolving issues in an amicable manner that protects your interests.

Carefully weigh your options

There are several things to do in a construction dispute. The first step is to revise your contract. Hopefully, it outlines all aspects of the project and defines what constitutes a breach of contract. A well-drafted agreement can help you determine your next steps.

If you cannot easily resolve the matter, you may need to contract expert witnesses to offer objective opinions on how the problem arose, whose fault it was and how you can solve it. It is important to c mediation before resorting to litigation, as this will help prevent costly legal fees from being incurred by either party.

Either way, it is essential to be prepared for any eventuality. Disputes are sometimes inevitable in the world of construction, and being aware of your options will put you in a better place should anything arise.