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Being aware of swimming pool injuries during summer 

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Many will enjoy swimming in pools while on vacation this summer in Massachusetts. Laughing and splashing often accompany summertime swimming pool fun. There are several dangers that swimming pools present, as well. To keep ourselves and our families safe this summer, swimming pool perils should be in the back of our minds. 

Being proactive is key to avoiding swimming pool accidents, injuries, and death. Here are some common hazards and potential injuries that swimmers should be aware of. 

5 types of injuries associated with swimming pools

Understanding these common types of injuries can be a good first step to avoiding them:

  1. Lacerations: Cuts to hands and feet can take place around swimming pools from sharp metal or broken glass.
  2. Head and spinal injuries: Driving into a pool can cause traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries.
  3. Breaks: Hands and writs are injured or broken when bracing from a fall.
  4. Electric shock: Water and electricity don’t mix. Swimming pools can present electrocution hazards when cables are worn or misplaced.
  5. Drowning: Anyone can suffer a drowning death. From small children to strong and accomplished swimmers can drown, especially after suffering a blow to the head. 

No one likes to think of their summer plans including an accident in a swimming pool. However, these five types of injuries can often be avoided through awareness and due diligence. 

Pool accidents can happen to anybody, even if you’re careful. If you believe that a pool’s owner or management company was negligent and that led to your injuries or a loved one’s injuries, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses.