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3 things motorcyclists can do to protect themselves

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Motorcyclists have the advantage of being able to enjoy the views that come on the open road. But, this comes with the disadvantage of not having the protection of a vehicle frame around them to help keep them protected from injury in a crash. 

Most motorcyclists understand the importance of safety while they ride, but there are three important tips that should always be in the back of your mind:

1. Proper gear is important

Motorcyclists must ensure they have the proper riding gear. The most important piece of gear you can don on a motorcycle is a DOT-approved helmet. Simply wearing a properly fitting approved helmet reduces your risk of having a head injury by 69%

2. Use extra caution at intersections

While every mile is dangerous for motorcyclists, the most dangerous place overall is an intersection in the road. When you approach, it’s always wise to be a little more cautious and observant in case a driver in a nearby vehicle doesn’t see you and decides to cut in front of your path. 

3. Visibility is key to your survival

Finally, increasing your visibility is important. Since motorcycles have a low profile and are compact, they’re harder for other drivers to spot. No matter what color bike you ride or what color gear you have, you can raise your visibility on the road with lights and reflective tape. Choosing a helmet that is brightly colored can also help you be more visible to other motorists.

Even the safest motorcyclist has to depend partially on other motorists to help them remain safe. Together, motorcyclists and other drivers can take steps to prevent catastrophic motorcycle crashes from occurring. Any motorcyclist who’s injured by another driver, however, has a right to seek fair compensation for their losses. An attorney can effectively protect your interests throughout the claims process.