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The most common spots for car crashes in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

It’s unfortunate, but because of how a few different roadways are arranged and the traffic patterns there, there are several places in Massachusetts where you’re more likely to get into a collision than others.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s most recent report looks at the top crash locations in Massachusetts from 2017 to release the most common crash areas in the state to the public.

What are the most dangerous spots in Massachusetts?

There is a full list of 101 locations where drivers are more likely to crash. On that list, the top three include:

  1. VFW Highway at Bridge Street (Lowell)
  2. Randolph Avenue where it meets Chickatawbut Road (Milton)
  3. Morton Street intersecting with Harvard Street (Boston)

Some of the local areas that made the list in Worcester include:

  • Main Street at Mill Street
  • Park Avenue at Pleasant Street
  • Park Avenue at May Street
  • Canterbury Street at Gardner Street

What makes these areas so dangerous?

MassDOT looked at the car crash reports over a three-year period to come up with the top 100 (101 because of a tie) locations for crashes in Massachusetts. These are dangerous because they include four-way intersections, T-intersections, Y-intersections and five-point intersections, all of which create a higher likelihood of collisions if drivers aren’t paying attention or fail to yield.

Fatalities played a role in determining the most dangerous locations, but MassDOT also looked at property damage and other factors to come up with weighted scores based on the crash numbers.

This data is important, because it allows drivers to be more aware of the locations where they’re most at risk. Approaching with caution may help make those intersections safer.