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An overview of your financial options after a dog bite injury

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When dogs attack, it usually happens swiftly and violently. If the animal is large and powerful, dog bites can result in severe puncture wounds, deep lacerations and even broken bones in some cases. Even small dogs can cause serious personal injury when they bite humans.

The injuries a person suffers from a dog bite often require extensive medical treatment. Victims may also be left significantly scarred or disfigured. As you might expect, the costs of medical care to address the injury itself and any related conditions (e.g. infections) can reach several thousand dollars.

The most pressing concern victims have is how they will pay for the expenses associated with a dog bite. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer is an excellent way to discover your options. Some of these options may include the following.

  • If the bite occurred at someone’s private residence, their homeowner’s insurance may be an option
  • If a dog bite occurred in someone’s car, their auto insurance might pay a claim
  • If the dog owner has special animal insurance, you may be able to receive compensation by filing a claim

A major problem with seeking compensation through insurance claims is the possibility of denial. For example, many homeowner policies will only cover one animal attack. If another party has already filed a claim involving the dog that bit you, chances are, your claim will result in denial.

This leaves you with two options. You can attempt to settle through informal negotiations with the dog owner or you can pursue a personal injury claim through Massachusetts’ dog bite laws. In many cases, filing an injury claim is the most effective way to acquire the compensation you deserve.