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How Can Massachusetts Citizens Choose The Right Lawyer?

Citizens of Massachusetts should learn the qualities of a good lawyer to improve their chances of winning their case.

While there is no way to determine for sure whether your lawyer will win your case, there are a few qualities you should look for when choosing your legal representation in Massachusetts. The right information and knowledge could be just what you need to avoid dealing with an incompetent lawyer who does more to damage your chances of success rather than boost them.

Focus on experience

Just as you likely would not like the idea of a surgeon fresh out of medical school operating on you, the same is true when it comes to working with a lawyer who just graduated from law school. This is not to say the lawyer is not capable of handling your case, simply that you are likely to be more comfortable working with someone who knows the ins and outs of your particular legal area.

Go with your gut instinct

There is no way to tell if a lawyer is wholly honest or capable of winning your case within the first minute of meeting him or her. However, you can get a general sense of the individual’s personality within the first few minutes. When you sit down for your initial consultation, go with your gut instinct on how you feel about working with this individual and putting your case in her or his hands. When asking questions about your case, you want a lawyer who gives you a balanced response, one that is neither too pessimistic nor optimistic.

Ask if she or he has solid communications

The right lawyer is one who keeps the lines of communication open and clear. Even though it is understandable that your lawyer has other cases going on, that does not mean he or she has to wait days to respond to your inquiries. Speaking of communication, you also want to work with a lawyer who talks to you in terms you can easily understand, not those laden with legalese and industry jargon.

Determine whether you can afford the lawyer

The lawyer you choose should be one you can afford. You will want to bring up the subject of cost during your initial consultation, and be sure you ask about any fees you can expect. You should also ask for a solid estimate of how much you can expect to pay for litigation, and that estimate should be put in writing just to be on the safe side. It is common for lawyers to draw up contracts at the beginning of their relationship with their clients to keep misunderstandings at bay, so if you have to ask for one, you might want to question the lawyer’s competency.

Putting these tips to good use can go a long way in helping your case. Should you feel your Massachusetts lawyer is guilty of legal malpractice, you might have a second case on your hands, one that’s better dealt with by legal counsel familiar with legal malpractice.