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Worcester Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

A common type of business law problem is a shareholder dispute. Phillips Silver represents majority and minority shareholders in disputes in Massachusetts involving:

  • Closely held businesses, including LLCs
  • Partnerships

Shareholder disputes often involve allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or underperformance. Lawyers at Phillips Silver can evaluate a claim and make recommendations based on experience acquired over many decades.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Shareholders may sue for a variety of reasons including the diminished value of their shares or failure to pay dividends or other bonuses as merited. We zealously represent both majority and minority shareholders with claims of this type.

Underperformance Claims

When one or more partners contend that another partner or partners are not performing up to par, they may believe they are justified in engineering a buyout of the underperforming partner or partners. The targeted partner, in turn, may sue for alleged wrongful termination or for losing out on distributions. Phillips Silver has represented individuals on each side of these disputes. We make every effort to resolve such disputes in the best interests of our clients.

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Our Worcester shareholder dispute attorneys inspire confidence due to their years of experience and track record of favorable outcomes for our clients. Contact Phillips Silver by calling 774-243-2785 or submitting an email inquiry through this website.

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